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Not only is every one of our circumstances unique, but we are also bombarded with an overload of information when it comes to which nutrients will suit our needs. To add to the confusion, almost all of the thought leaders in the field of health will differ in some nuance of opinion, or even sometimes completely oppose each other.

Our philosophy is firstly to stay as objective as we can and secondly to present our information in different layers of detail. We surrounded ourselves with the best technical experts in the fields of nutrition, pharmacology and food technology and sent them on a crusade to search for the most objective, scientifically backed information we could find on our ingredients. This information is presented concisely, in a user-friendly way, in the product builder itself and then expanded on in the Nutri-Science Info section. If your quest for the truth is still not satisfied, we included references to the scientific studies from which the information was extracted with which you may quench your remaining thirst for knowledge.

If you are less scientifically minded and looking for readily usable information refined by some of the most talented minds through decades of experience, we encourage you to have a look at, and participate in our blog section.


Bernard Nortje

Co-Founder / CEO

Bernard is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for health, wellness, nutrition & innovation.
Twenty years of manufacturing, R&D and senior management experience.

Alwyn Viljoen

Co-Founder / CEO

Alwyn is the inventor behind the company’s patented technology.
As a qualified engineer, financial manager & with a diploma in business administration, Alwyn is passionate about shaping the future through entrepreneurship and creative problem solving.
Free diver and mountain biker.

Susan Haid


Previous Global Head of Product and Technology Development for Nestle Health Science.
With 30 years of experience and a background in food science and biology, Susan has successfully led and developed teams across operations and research and development in the CPG industry.
Susan is a competitive cyclist and passionate about nutrition, health, and wellness.

Kirsten Flanagan

Business Development

Former South African canoeist and mountain biker.
With a degree in physiology & biochemistry, Kirsten is a qualified exercise scientist with a breadth of global experience in the health, performance and longevity space.


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