TAILORBLEND is a nutrition & health company with the purpose of providing a one-stop service where you can satisfy all your supplementary nutritional needs. Click CREATE to combine a wide variety of active ingredients, including all the essential vitamins, amino-acid chelated minerals and premium macro-nutrients, to create your first truly personalised product. Alternatively browse our BLENDS section for ready-to-buy products, designed by professionals from a broad spectrum of specialist areas.

To empower you to create your own optimal formulation, we provide a wealth of easily digestible knowledge, backed by the latest scientific evidence. In addition, we continuously invite thought leaders in the fields of health, nutrition and human performance to write blog articles to help guide you in the right direction.

Start to formulate your own products today by choosing one or more of our Pre-Designed Blends as a template and using our user-friendly product builder to adjust the formulation according to your unique needs. You may also start from scratch or use one of our affiliated professionals to design your product for you.


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We use only reputable suppliers who have the necessary credentials to provide the highest quality ingredients available. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in the nutrition industry.


The people at Tailorblend are passionate about the health of our clients. We focus on our clients’ needs which we aim to satisfy with innovative products of the highest quality, backed up by outstanding service.

We value the trust of our clients and colleagues to the utmost; we are committed to act honestly and with integrity in all our dealings.

If you feel we have failed to live out these values, please let us know in the suggestions (link to suggestions page) section.



Although opinions on diet and nutrition differ, there are certain things that are guaranteed to add value: quality products and excellent service. We are committed to deliver the best ingredients, combined into one delicious product, on time and at a reasonable price. We will assist you to make the whole experience easy, informative and fun. For us to customise our service for you, we would value any ideas or criticism.

OUR Information

Not only is every one of our circumstances unique, but we are also bombarded with an overload of information when it comes to which nutrients will suit our needs. To add to the confusion, almost all of the thought leaders in the field of health will differ in some nuance of opinion, or even sometimes completely oppose each other.

Our philosophy is firstly to stay as objective as we can and secondly to present our information in different layers of detail. We surrounded ourselves with the best technical experts in the fields of nutrition, pharmacology and food technology and sent them on a crusade to search for the most objective, scientifically backed information we could find on our ingredients. This information is presented concisely, in a user-friendly way, in the product builder itself and then expanded on in the Nutri-Science Info section. If your quest for the truth is still not satisfied, we included references to the scientific studies from which the information was extracted with which you may quench your remaining thirst for knowledge.

If you are less scientifically minded and looking for readily usable information refined by some of the most talented minds through decades of experience, we encourage you to have a look at, and participate in our blog section.

Our Products

Start to formulate your own products today by choosing one or more of our Pre-Designed Blends as a template and using our user-friendly product builder to adjust the formulation according to your unique needs. You may also start from scratch or use one of our affiliated professionals to design your product for you.

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Powdermix Technologies (Pty) Ltd has been manufacturing world class nutritional products since 1999.

As a leading manufacturer in South Africa and with their ethical practices and stringent quality control systems, they were the natural choice as manufacturing partner. Powdermix is ISO 22000 food safety certified and formulates all products to comply with WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) (2013) guidelines.

Powdermix does not stock any WADA non-compliant ingredients.


Bernard Nortje

Founder & Director

As the creator of the TAILORBLEND concept, Bernard is driven by a passion for healthy living and challenging the norm. Spending Friday afternoons blending his own custom supplements lead to what is now known as TAILORBLEND. His dream of building a successful company by adding value and providing customers with the ultimate tool to help improve their lives, is what keeps him motivated.

Alwyn Viljoen

Founder & Director

Alwyn has a background in engineering, finance and business. He is the driving force behind the innovative TAILORBLEND systems and has a passion for creative problem solving. Alwyn is also tasked with the geographic expansion of TAILORBLEND's reach.

Linda Nortje

Accounts & Operations Manager

Linda's warm personality improves our clients' wellness even before they receive our blends. She has played an integral part in building of TAILORBLEND and her contributions far exceed the boundaries of her core responsibility: to make sure all the daily activities are executed.

Kirsten Flanagan

Business Development

With an athletic background and passion for health, wellness and biohacking, Kirsten is always searching for innovative ways of using science and technology to optimise human performance. She is driven to expand TAILORBLEND’s reach, helping people realise their potential and understand the importance of personalised nutrition for optimal health.

Dumisane Ngobeni

Production Manager

Dumi is the person who turns our ideas into reality. His sense of duty and pro-active attitude means our factory runs like clock-work and the quality of our products owes a lot to his competence.

Dr. Etienne Nortje

Food Scientist

The vision of a customised health supplement was realised largely through the effort and expertise of Dr. Etienne Nortjé. His extensive background in the research, development and manufacturing of a host of food and nutrition products over a career spanning over 3 decades, made the patented TAILORBLEND system possible.


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Not confident enough to design your own blend yet?

We offer a range of professionally designed, ready-to-order blends that can each compete with any of the top retail products.

Alternatively, get the best of both worlds and use one of our listed healthcare practitioners to design your blend for you, giving you access to the best money can buy. Your health is priceless.