Health Practitioners

Tailorblend offers health and nutrition practitioners the unique opportunity to increase the value they add for their clients. By opening an account with Tailorblend you can easily formulate, manage and prescribe your own products to your clients. We will send one of our friendly, professionally qualified representatives to assist you in designing a range of templates (or you may select a collection from our comprehensive catalogue), which you can then use to quickly formulate and send each client his novel product.

You might use this service to give you a competitive edge in the market, or as a fee-based addition to your current service portfolio.

During the registration process, we encourage you to capture your information as thoroughly as possible; as for example, professionally registered practitioners will be afforded more privileges than those without a verifiable registration number, in order to protect our customers. On registration you will promptly receive a call from us to offer our assistance to you in setting up your account and to help you be as efficient as possible.

Tailorblend further endeavours to add value to both our end-user customers and healthcare practitioners by giving you the opportunity to be listed as an associate on our website. Further information is available from our representatives or upon registration of your account.



Technology Companies

Tailorblend is continuously exploring possible avenues on how to improve people's health and wellness. One of these avenues are synergistic relationships with other companies in order to create better products and services, to the benefit of our clients. Suggestions are welcome.

Become A Representative

We are very passionate about nutrition, health and wellness and our doors are always open to kindred spirits. If you would like to join the Tailorblend family as a representative and think you will fit in with the following company values:

* Health & Vitality

* Honesty & Integrity

* Innovation

* Friendliness & Fun

* Empowerment

You are welcome to contact us to discuss possible career opportunities.

Publish An Article or Pre-designed Blend

We are actively looking for reputable experts from a variety of disciplines to share their knowledge with us in our Blog Articles section or to publish Pre-designed blends. If you have the necessary credentials and think that you would be able to add value for our clients through a blog post or through creating a pre-designed blend, please contact us.


We offer a 100% cash-back refund if you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of your product.

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