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Tailorblend your own custom nutritional supplements! Make a personalised selection from our extensive range of premium ingredients and we will blend it into a delicious, powdered shake or drink. Delivery is free and product quality fully guaranteed.

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Shake (Whey)

Our shake bases are made with Whey Protein Concentrate (either Grass-Fed Whey or Hilmar Premium Whey), ideal for adding extra protein to your diet while supplementing your micronutrients. As with all our products, our aim is to present our premium ingredients absolutely undiluted and untarnished by unhealthy additives, as can be witnessed by the unrivalled protein content of our shake bases.

Our unique product builder system automatically adjust the formulations of our bases, to ensure a pleasant end-product as you add active ingredients. For this reason, please verify the amount of whey protein concentrate on your continuously updated virtual label before you save your blend. For the same reason it is advised to adjust the protein content of your blend after all your other active ingredients have been added, to ensure accuracy.

In addition to whey protein concentrate we have whey isolate and whey hydrolysate.
Whey Isolate: Whey concentrate that has undergone additional purification processes to minimise carbohydrates and fats, yeilding a higher protein content.
Whey Hydrolysate: Whey protein concentrate or isolate that has been pre-digested (hydrolysed) whereby the amino acid bonds are broken down, making the protein more rapidly absorbed in the gut compared to whey concentrate or isolate.

You may add whey protein isolate or hydrolysate to achieve a blend of the different forms of protein. The amount of whey concentrate will automatically adjust to achieve an ideal protein content, seen on the live label.


The TAILORBLEND drink base is a refreshing and convenient way to take your selected active ingredients. It contains zero-calories and is available in a wide variety of fruity flavours.

Feel free to simply add more or less water to adjust the intensity of the flavour and sweetness.


Active Ingredients Only

When choosing this option, the selected active ingredients will simply be blended together and no interventions will be made to ensure palatability, colour, suspension stability, free-flowing powder, moisture resistance etc. For this reason the usual TAILORBLEND 100% Cash Back Refund will not apply when this option is selected: NO PRODUCT RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Please note that when the combination of active ingredients result in a very tiny volume of powder, we have to add an ingredient to allow you to accurately measure a serving (one 5ml scoop min.) We use Fibersol-2, a healthy soluble fiber, for this purpose.

Shake (Vegan)

We offer two vegan protein options:

  • Rice Protein
  • Hemp Protein Blend (70% hemp seed protein & 30% rice protein).

Both vegan proteins are ideal options for those who are lactose intolerant, follow a vegan diet or prefer to follow a plant-based lifestyle. Select your preferred vegan protein using the protein dropdown to see the amino acid profiles and more nutritional details of each.


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